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December 7, 2017

Arizona Snowbowl, a large operator, has recently purchased the Elk Ridge Ski Area by Flagstaff Arizona. Many new changes will be implemented to the ski area throughout this winter. The ski area is located within the city of Williams, Arizona, and lies on Bill Williams Mountain.

Tammy Fountain, former owner of the ski area, expressed her feelings concerning the sale recently in the Williams News. She described the exchange as “bittersweet”, and viewed the ski area as a former home. She owned the area for 12 years, and believes that Arizona Snowbowl is capable of adapting the ski area into something truly special.

Ambitious Plans For The Ski Area
Part of the plan Arizona Snowbowl has for the ski region is to develop it into a year-round recreational park. A chairlift will eventually be implemented to replace the former surface lifts.

As forest officials approach the approval of the recent purchase, the officials of Kiabab National Forest may issue an updated permit for the ski area. An updated permit is needed due to the fact the ski area will be in operation year-round, rather than exclusively during winter months.

A Brief History Of The Ski Area
In the 60’s, the ski area was formerly known as Williams Ski Area, and when it was purchased by Fountain Outdoor Recreation in 2005, it underwent a period of relative inactivity, due to high equipment costs and minimal winter months of operation. Wildfire season posed a continual financial threat for new owners of the ski area, because historically it had to shut down during these months. Because the ski area has been open so sporadically in the past, the Kaibab National Forest officials hope that this change in ownership and recreational availability brings a 

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