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August 8, 2017
Jeffrey Arena


A new restaurant, called Cavern Grotto, will soon be opening in Arizona. The restaurant is generating considerable hype due to the fact that it will be 21 stories below ground level. Operated by the Grand Canyon Caverns, an already booming Arizona tourist destination, this new dining feature is located off Route 66 and will soon be open to the public.

The Grand Canyon Caverns is already a ideal spot for tours of Arizona's caverns. Implementing a new, underground restaurant seems like a logical step for the facility.

Grotto guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a meal while getting a 360-degree view of the elaborate cavern complex. Cuisine will be American style, according to John McEnulty, one of the facilities managers. 

Enjoy A View Of The Caverns While Dining
McEnulty and his partners strategically placed the Grotto in one of the most exquisite sections within the caverns. The view of the caverns, while dining, is central component to the experience. Bundling up isn't necessary, as the cave remains at 72 degrees all year.

Lunch & Dinner Will Be Served Beginning August 15th
The Grotto restaurant has seating which can hold up to 16 people. Depending on how the public responds to the restaurant, some seating capacity expansion may take place in the future. McEnulty and his team intend for the Grotto to initially serve lunch and dinner, starting as early as Aug. 15th.

Lunch ($49.95) and dinner ($69.95) will both be a flat fee. Dinner will include two adult beverages, and recurring trips to the dessert and salad bar. Included with dinner or lunch, is a comprehensive tour of the caverns.

The food will be cooked above ground, and then promptly delivered below for guests to enjoy. This concept according to McEnulty, is based off of the Blue Bayou, a restaurant in Disneyland.

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