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January 4, 2018

According to State documents, almost $2 million has been spent in Phoenix, Arizona to settle more than 24 sexual harassment cases in the last 10 years. The phoenix new times, asked for a report on how the sexual harassment cases were being handled, after the Congressman Trent Franks resigned, and on top of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

The agencies with the worst offenders were the Department of Corrections that had paid almost $1million to 5 of the DOC's recent sexual harassment claims. One of the cases with the biggest pay out was $460,000 that had been reported in 2009, but settled in 2011.

The Department of Agriculture had the second largest settlement of 2013, a case that had been reported in 2007 which settled at $400,000.

The health services department settled over $250,000 in harassment cases making it third overall.

This is however not the true picture.  There are cases that were reported since 2015 that are still under review and have not yet been settled.

The report that was released by the State included 127 pages of other alleged complaints and harassment cases made against state agencies and their employees. We are not sure whether all these cases were settled or not.  The state has not disclosed.

Many of these were detailed specific occurrences of sexual harassment while others were allegations that were under investigation. The identity of the complainants was hidden.

It was also unclear from the report how many of these cases resulted in termination of employment or firing. The governor's office stated that settlement of these cases did not mean an admission of guilt.

As a result, the Department of Administration said that all the staff employed by the state would undergo a sexual harassment training program in the next month. It would be an excellent view of what is expected and not.

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