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August 9, 2017
Jeffrey Arena


There are an hundreds of new laws that will be instated in Arizona this month that Arizonans need to know about. Many of the bills signed by Gov. Doug Ducey have already stirred considerable controversy, while others have largely flown under the public radar. Regardless, it is important that Arizonans be aware of these new changes, and here, a few of the more striking bills will be noted.

HB 2494: Individuals who enter locked cars in the effort to protect children or animals, will receive additional judicial protection under HB 2494.

SB 1080: Drivers who are operating vehicles within their permit’s initial 6 month period, will be prohibited from cell phone use. This bill applies for the first 6 months of those under the age of 18, who have recently acquired either a licence or learning permit. 

SB 1073: Forbids the hiding of, or any intentional manipulation toward rendering a licence plate unrecognizable.

SB 1122: Discontinues the government's ability to demand background checks during the sale of firearms.

SB 1367: Doctors involved with performing abortions will be required to do everything in their power to ensure the safety and situational welfare of newborn children. This bill also demands that the Department of Health Services oversee facilities, in the effort to equip each practice with the highest standards of care and equipment.

SB 1406: Gives businesses a 90-day window to correct accessibility violations before any legal action ensues.

SB 1415: With the assistance of a $900,000 grant, the University of Arizona will have the opportunity to reopen management of the Mining and Mineral Museum. 

SB 1431: Public-school students can apply for private tuitions and other benefits under the Empowerment Scholarship Account.

SB 1439: Gives healthcare providers more leeway with concern to obeying their conscience, with less chance for potential legal repercussions.

SB 1441: Arbitrators will now be assigned to mediate disputes that involve medical patient’s bills that reach or exceed $1,000 after out-of-network services.

HB 2134: Public school, daycare, and charter school attending children will be allowed to use sunscreen without a parent's consent.

HB 2145: Professional movers will now be required for all fees to be locked in contract, preventing financial quarrels that lead to their inactivity on the moving day itself.

HB 2208: Grants public/charter school employees the liberty to administer inhalers, to those in their facility that are experiencing asthmatic or respiratory symptoms.

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