Cochise County Sheriff's Department Receives Funds to Increase Border Security

Home Cochise County Sheriffs Department Receives Funds to Increase Border Security

January 9, 2018

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Department just received $55,000 from Arizona’s Joint Border Security Advisory Commission to beef up security on the Arizona-Mexico border. The Advisory Commission was set up about six years ago with the intent of building a wall on the Arizona-Mexico border using money raised from private donors. Last week the commission decided to give its last remaining $55,000 to Cochise County.

The Advisory Commission previously awarded the bulk of the donations it received to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office in 2015 to build a “virtual wall”. The Cochise County Sheriff’s department used the 2015 money to purchase GPS devices and thermal imaging equipment. The Sheriff plans on using the newly received funds to purchase video camera equipment to assist in securing the border.

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