AIA Bans Twin Reporters Following Complaints Of Inappropriate Messages

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May 11, 2018

The Arizona State high school sports governing body has banned two Arizona media members from all AIA events. The twin brothers Jeff and Zach Edgington are accused of sending sexually suggestive messages to student-athletes

The Arizona Interscholastic Association announced that the brothers are banned from all AIA events.

In a statement to KPNX, the AIA would say that the ban was due to “inappropriate contact” with student-athletes.

It is reported that high school athletes in many different schools and sports across Phoenix, described inappropriate and uncomfortable messages sent to them by the Edgingtons brothers.

“They just kept asking for pictures of me, and they kept complimenting my body. And it was just like really uncomfortable,” a Mesa girls basketball player who asked that her identity not be revealed told KPNX.

The Mesa student-athlete told KPNX that the requests grew increasingly inappropriate, including one request for a photo of the girl in a bra.

“It started in 2016. I first got a message from one of the Edge twins … but a couple months ago, probably the beginning of this year, it turned into something else … One of them asked me to send them a picture of me in a bikini and that he would send me a picture back of him,” she said.

KPNX attempted to contact both brothers and reached Zach via phone. He denied any improper conversations, claiming that he’s “never inappropriately talked to anybody under 18.”

Local journalists reported that the brothers worked as freelance reporters for local papers and websites and that they had received their AIA media credential through the website ScoreStream.  ScoreStream CEO Derrick Oien responded to the allegations saying, “He’s “mortified” and that men were never paid employees. ScoreStream announced that the twins offered to provide scores and photos and essentially scammed us into getting the credentials.”

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