10 Tips to Keep Pets Safe During Holidays

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December 5, 2017

The holiday season is a fun and special time for Arizona families, but sadly it can be a stressful and dangerous for Valley pets.

Making pet owners aware of the dangers that surround pets this time of year is important to the Maricopa County Animal Control and Care. 

The MCACC have provided the following safety tips for families to keep pets safe and healthy this holiday season: 

1. Place your Christmas tree in a corner, blocked off from your pet. If this is a challenge, and does not prevent your dog or cat from attempting to jump onto the tree, place aluminum foil, a plastic drink bottle filled with metal or anything else that creates noise on the tree's bottom limbs to warn you of a possible tree disaster.

2. Tinsel can add a stunning touch to the tree, but make sure it is hung out of your pet's reach. Ingesting tinsel can possibly block intestines, which is generally can only be removed through surgery.

3. It is recommended not to put lights on the tree's lower branches. This not only prevents pets from getting tangled up in the lights, they can also be a burning hazard. In addition, your pet can get shocked if they choose to bite through the wire.

4. Ornaments need to be kept out of reach to prevent choking and intestinal blockage hazard. Shards from broken ornaments may injure paws, mouths, or other parts of your pet's body.

5. For those buying a live Christmas trees this year, keep the area free and clear of pine needles. The needles have the ability to puncture pet's intestines if ingested.

6. Festive plants are poisonous! Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants are very poisonous to dogs or cats and should be kept in areas where your pets cannot reach them.

7. Edible tree decorations are not recommended with pet owners. Ornaments, cranberry or popcorn strings are just trouble waiting to happen. These decorations are just too enticing and your pet will more than likely tug at them, causing your decorated tree to take a tumble of destruction.

8. Be careful with burning candles! They should always be placed on high shelves or mantels, out of your pet's way. Fireplaces should always use screens to avoid accidental burns.

9. Tape any exposed indoor or outdoor wires to the wall or sides of the house to prevent any accidental electrocutions.

10. While gift wrapping presents, make sure to keep your pet away. Just as the tinsel, wrapping paper, string or plastic, can cause intestinal blockages. And watch the scissors, which is another hazard, and they should be kept off floors or low tables.

For more information on pets or if you are looking to adopt this holiday season, visit maricopa.gov/pets


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